Mobile Exhibition Lead App

Remote recording of visitors and leads at the exhibition on tablets and smartphones

Optimise the registration process of your leads at the exhibition with the help of the mobile Lead App on mobile end devices. The SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App by alivello” Solutions  guarantees that you enter the trade exhibition report smoothly at the exhibition stand. Individual configuration options allow you to adjust the system to comprehensively register trade leads for any industry and any type of entry process.

Use the SIMLEA Lead App by alivello” Solutions for modern exhibition lead management in your company.

By calling up regular customers or by directly connecting to your CRM system, your data collation and data retrieval happens in a few seconds. Our Exhibition Lead Application is suitable for an individual exhibition appearance as well as permanent use at national and international exhibitions and as Lead App for sales reps to record visit reports.

Comprehensive contact and information management at the exhibition stand

Our SIMLEA Exhibition App for mobile lead collation of your exhibition reports via mobile end devices is extremely flexible to customise and intuitive to use. Gather, process and evaluate your collected exhibition leads in rea-time. Or access a regular customer’s recorded data at the exhibition stand.

Mobile devices operate together with the SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App as central information platform at the exhibition stand.

What can be recorded with the SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App?

Apart from collating exhibition leads and looking at the entirety of logged company data, customer data and product information, successful trade exhibition lead management must document all relevant customer information. A tablet with the SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App by “alivello” thus becomes central information and contact management.

The SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App by  alivello” Solutions can display valuable customer and product information from the CRM:

  • Existing customer data
  • Product videos
  • Image brochures
  • PDF data files
  • Presentations
  • Excel Daten

Your exhibitions leads, statistical evaluations, follow-up arrangements and requests for quotations are available to you in real-time. The Exhibition App reduces reaction times to a minimum, which raises customer satisfaction and ensures competitive advantages. Naturally, the Exhibition Lead Application can be customised to any customer management requirement due to its flexible user platform.

Licenced user or alivellofull service? 

You decide

You can use the SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App by alivello” Solutions in two different ways:

Version 1
You operate as licenced user

You decide whether you want to administrate your exhibition attendances independently with access to the backend system. This option serves well above all when you want to implement several exhibitions per year with the help of the mobile Exhibition Lead App.

Version 2
You use the Exhibition Full Service

You use the Exhibition Full Service by “alivello”. Our service team looks after the individual configuration of the SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App for successful exhibition lead management.

As soon as you start using the Exhibition Lead App by  “alivello” Solutions you benefit from the entire scope of functions of the exhibition system at all times. 

Optimum lead follow-up

As an active sales team produces a great quantity of data at exhibitions and personal conversations generate valuable customer information, you depend on conscientious follow-up. All leads must be clearly allocated and sustainably followed up. Thanks to comprehensive export options or solid CRM interfaces as well as OCR recognition within the SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App, important documents and reports, but also digitally recorded signatures, can be transmitted from the exhibition stand to the office staff in real-time.

This is achieved with readily available exports or by directly connecting to your CRM system, which enables you to process information quickly in-house. Many CRM systems can be easily linked to the exhibition application, so that nothing can stop a successful exhibition lead management process.

Lead Management with the SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App enables you to record exhibition contacts comprehensively and to administrate them directly in the linked CRM.

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