Functions of the SIMLEA Lead Application at a Glance

GDPR compliant exhibition Lead App
Android and IOS compatibility
Offline entry of contacts
Freely configurable forms
Dynamic forms
Several events/forms in an application
Multilingual forms (German, English, Italian, French, etc.)
Mandatory fields according to your specifications so that your reports are completely recorded
OCR recognition in 27 national languages
QR code recognition
E-Mail wizard for the automated dispatch of e-mails with time control
Prepared interfaces (adapters) for the most renowned CRM providers
Speech-2-Text recognition in the online mode
Connection of sketches to entered leads
Export wizard for individual exports
Export of individual leads as a PDF document (lead report)
Import of inventory data from the customer CRM incl. search + transfer in the form
Import of existing leads
Integration of PDFs (e.g. product data sheets), videos or images
Signature field for permission recording
Revision of existing data records
Personalised login
Statistics in real-time
Synchronisation of entered data via encrypted connection (SSL)

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