Bauer - Group in Austria is now using the SIMLEA Lead App worldwide

Bauer - Group in Austria is now using the SIMLEA Lead App worldwide

The decision-makers at BAUER GmbH in Austria were enthusiastic about the way the first test exhibition went; the Eurotier 2018 in Hanover. 30 members of staff on the stand were provided with the SIMLEA app on mobile devices. The recorded leads could be checked in real time in the backend and further processed. Follow-up activities, such as automated e-mailing to the recorded visitors, were triggered in real time. By linking the app to the CRM system used by Bauer, the addresses could be immediately imported. “We have increased the accuracy and completeness of the addresses we recorded and, at the same time, have saved capacities because the manual entry of leads in CRM was no longer required. After the first test of the mobile exhibition lead application, we quickly realised that we wanted to use the “alivello” solution at our numerous trade fairs worldwide,” say the decision-makers at Bauer in Austria. “We really appreciated that the product training took place in-house in Voitsberg.”


About the Bauer Group:

With its headquarters in Voitsberg, Styria, the Bauer Group develops, manufactures and sells innovative irrigation and wastewater technology. Today, the global company employs 675 expert members of staff in 17 locations worldwide and delivers its high-quality products to around 100 countries around the world. The numbers speak for themselves: Bauer irrigation systems irrigate 2.5 million hectares around the world, and 60,000 liquid manure barrels are used internationally. The name Bauer is synonymous with intelligent, high-quality and sustainable solutions in agricultural engineering. And has been since 1930.

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