Mitsubishi Electric as a SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App Licence Holder

Mitsubishi Electric as a SIMLEA Exhibition Lead App Licence Holder

Following a complete redevelopment and the relaunch of the SIMLEA Lead App last year, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. was one of the first new customers to be convinced by the mobile exhibition lead software.

A first test took place at the Euroblech 2018 in Hanover. Afterwards, the customer quickly decided to extend the test to another exhibition. At the Intec 2019, which took place in Leipzig in February, the exhibition solution was used again and the exhibition visitors on the stand were informed about the SIMLEA solution. The result is that the customer will be able to develop a new data synchronisation function for future exhibitions so that sales partners of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. will be able to work with the solution for mobile lead registration and to record exhibition visitors.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. describes the experiences and motivations for permanent use as follows:

“We have used the Lead App by “alivello” since the Euroblech 2018 in Hanover at the third event now, and appreciate the benefits of the convenient setup and intuitive recording of the trade fair reports. Against this background, we have decided on a long-term use on an international level and will use the solution at the upcoming exhibitions as a licenced SIMLEA customer. Additional features such as the provision of event-related documents or development of employee-related synchronisation make the app an effective companion at every exhibition,” said the decision-makers from Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

“We are incredibly proud to have convinced such a famous and interesting customer as one of the first buyers of SIMLEA, even though the solution itself has contributed the most. We did not have to do too much convincing, because the SIMLEA Lead App with its functionality and the intuitive application and setup did most of the convincing itself. So, we have developed very well and strive to constantly develop the solution,” says Daniel van Lierop, pleased about such great customer feedback.

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