MSP Kopiersysteme GmbH uses SIMLEA App in external sales for more efficient visit reports

MSP Kopiersysteme GmbH uses SIMLEA App in external sales for more efficient visit reports

Digitisation has arrived with the mobile SIMLEA Lead App in sales. As a new client in the field of mobile visit reports in external sales, “alivello” Solutions gladly welcomes Canon Business Center MSP Kopiersysteme GmbH as a new customer.

MSP Kopiersysteme GmbH, a Canon Business Center, will use the mobile lead app in sales to digitize the visit reports on the customer's premises. An improved lead management process is then triggered with the aid of the mobile lead app in the external sales. After the reports have been collected, the information is forwarded internally to the responsible employees in the office and is ready within minutes within the internal MSP Kopiersysteme GmbH system for further processing. In addition, the required information from visited customers (information on devices, price lists, etc.) is sent in real-time by e-mail to the customer, so that the follow-up process is completed fully automatically after a few minutes.

“The presented process for the optimisation of the visit reports in the sales department convinced us entirely, which is why we decided to implement the SIMLEA solution quickly after learning about it”, say sales staff from MSP Kopiersysteme GmbH describing the reasons for the decision. “In addition, we will act as a development partner for “alivello” Solutions in order to jointly promote the functionalities and requirements in the field of digital sales,” continues the MSP Kopiersysteme GmbH sales team positively.

About MSP Kopiersysteme GmbH:
MSP Kopiersysteme GmbH is a solution provider for efficient office communication and a competent partner for all issues in modern document management. For some 40 years, MSP has been resolutely working with Canon products. The resulting experience and expertise as Canon’s premier partner helped MSP achieve the highest level of accreditation in the Canon Business Center.

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