We want to contribute to climate protection and have made the operation of our website
climate-neutral. In doing so, we are coping with our responsibility by supporting projects 
for climate protection.

A website is climate-neutral if the resulting CO2 emissions have been calculated and balanced. 
The use of the Internet generates global CO2 emissions, primarily due to power consumption 
by servers, data transmission and users' devices. Based on the information on the monthly 
page views, ClimatePartner has determined the CO2 emissions caused by our website and 
compensated for them through a climate protection project. 
At https://www.climatepartner.com/14034-1912-1001 you will find the document on our carbon 
neutrality with information on how much CO2 has been generated by our website and which 
climate protection project we support.


About ClimatePartner

ClimatePartner is a leading solution provider in the field of climate protection for companies. 
ClimatePartner supports more than 1,000 companies in calculating and reducing CO2 
emissions and enables the compensation of unavoidable emissions through a wide range
of climate protection projects. This makes products, services and companies climate-neutral.
ClimatePartner develops its own exclusive climate protection projects and cooperates with 
a worldwide partner network to also offer recognized climate protection projects with different 
technologies, regions and additional social effects. 

ClimatePartner is considered to be the inventor of the process for climate-neutral print products 
and has been involved in the production of ISO 16759 for the carbon footprint of printed products.
ClimatePartner guarantees transparency through a clear labeling system in conjunction with a 
TÜV Austria certified IT solution.

ClimatePartner was founded in Munich in 2006 and today has 40 employees at locations in 
Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as more than 1,000 customers. The company works 
closely with environmental organizations and provides 
experts in various international committees.
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