Software for Mobile Lead and Contact Data Records

Digital Lead Entry at Exhibitions or by Sales Reps with OCR Recognition

alivello” Solutions GmbH is a lead management provider from Heidelberg, which in 2010 was the first service provider in Europe to offer a mobile exhibition lead application for digital lead entry via tablets. As an exhibition lead management specialist, we offer services around a perfect trade fair appearance, which focuses on a digital lead application for visitor and leader registration.

Areas of the application for the SIMLEA Lead App

Mobile lead entry
at exhibitions using the Lead App

We offer you a GDPR compliant, mobile, extremely flexible and intuitive Exhibition Lead Application for collecting your exhibition contacts via tablets so that you can record and evaluate the contact and exhibition data daily and process it according to your specifications.

We rely on an individually adaptable exhibition lead application and provide the information collected in real time in your backend and statistics area. Your statistical exhibition evaluations, follow-up agreements and offer requests are available to you for further spontaneous use. Customer response times are reduced to a minimum, giving you a competitive advantage and increased customer satisfaction.

Sales Rep App
for service or visit reports

Sales representatives handle appointments with existing customers or new customers at exhibitions, events or in personal appointments, which must then be recorded in the form of visit reports in CRM.  

Thanks to a freely configurable and independently administrable mobile sales rep app for smartphones or tablets, the collection of visit or service reports in sales becomes child's play and the added value of real-time information in the CRM system increases customer satisfaction, increasing the company's turnover.

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