The teamworking module

Perfect working at the exhibition booth thanks to appointment booking function and draft mode

It’s a well-known phenomenon – the trade fair is crowded, interested parties are queuing up at the booth. But when does which employee have the time for a conversation with an interested party? With the help of the teamworking module of the SIMLEA Lead App, you can easily keep track of the workload of your booth personnel in a shared appointment calendar for all employees at the trade fair booth. In the app's new draft mode, the data of spontaneous booth visitors can be easily pre-captured.

The teamwoking module optimises the communicaion of the employees at the exhibition booth

Pre-capturing new contacts within the draft mode

Register the data of your visitors in advance at the information counter of your booth and assign a free booth employee to each of them.

How to pre-record the leads at your booth

1. The employee at the information desk pre-records the data of the booth visitor within the draft mode and saves it as a draft.

2. A list opens with the status of all booth employees (available, absent, unavailable).

3. The draft mode owner selects one of the booth’s staff members as an interlocutor for the interested party.






4. This conversation partner receives a push notification and can retrieve the pre-captured lead directly under "queue". If the employee is detained for too long in another conversation, the draft mode also makes it possible to subsequently select another booth employee as a conversation partner.

5. This member of the booth staff continues to process the form during the discussion with the interested party and finally completes it.

The administrator can assign the draft mode role to every employer at the booth.

Appointment booking function for a better organisation at the exhibition booth

For more customer orientation and a better organisation - with the SIMLEA Lead App's appointment booking function you manage the appointments of your booth staff in the best possible way!

Before and during the trade fair – managing the appointments of your booth staff

1. Include a contact form for making appointments in only two steps on your website.

→ Use the form generator in the app’s backend to generate the iframe code for the contact form.

→ Paste the iframe code into the html code of your own website







2. If interested parties would like to make an appointment at your booth before the trade fair, they fill in the form and – if you wish – they can already determine their contact persons themselves.

3. As soon as the administrator receives the appointment request and has assigned it to an employee, the app sends an Outlook invitation to the interested party and the booth employee.

4. In case of an appointment change, both of them receive an automated update of the Outlook appointment.

The appointment function's advantages

  • Within the app, a traffic light system informs about the availability status of all employees at the booth. The latter manage their status themselves by setting it either to "available", "absent" or "not available".
  • The appointment calender filters by individual employees, shows their schedules and saves the appointments, which are entered for them.
  • The employee with the draft mode role can also specify where exactly the meetings at the booth are to take place (e.g. bar tables, meeting rooms).

Both the SIMLEA Lead App’s appointment allocation function and the draft mode for lead pre-recording offer many advantages to exhibiting companies at trade fairs. The improved organisation and planning at the exhibition booth enables exhibitors to organise their work during the event efficiently and to prepare for the booth visits in the best possible way.

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